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Microsoft launches Blockchain Solution to boost AI trust

Category : Technology | Sub Category : | Posted on: 2019-12-09 17:32:59

Microsoft launches Blockchain Solution to boost AI trust

Microsoft invests more in the blockchain industry by trying to connect blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). Microsoft intends to attract more of its corporate clients by use of blockchain technology that is a bit trustworthy basing on advantages offered by artificial intelligence.
The giant software company made the announcement at the recently held conference in Orlando, Florida that the Azure Blockchain Data Manager will greatly benefit many firms, specifically those who handle a lot of data.
AI, Microsoft Azure Blockchain Engineering Principal Program Manager Marc Mercuri spoke on the importance of blockchain, insisting that using blockchain, firms could make sure they took advantage of the AI revolution without panic.
The Azure Blockchain Data Manager is intended to make data connection easier between nodes and smart agreements. The data will also be available to other databases for synergy.
Blockchain can be used to authenticate all information about the roots of data including its input and output, before AI is applied, ensuring more iron-clad outcomes. Parties to transactions can scrutinize data making sure everyone is satisfied before deploying AI. 

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