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How to advance emotional intelligence

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How to advance emotional intelligence

Parameters for measuring the intelligence of a person basing on emotions have changed and will keep on changing with time.

Traditionally, emotional intelligence was regarded as the general ability to predict results. However, in contemporary setting, emotional intelligence is characterized by feelings, emotions, motivation and self-interaction- which form the basis for the relation between success and failure.

People who possess high standards of emotional intelligence

People who can manage their own emotions and who don’t get angry at times of stressful situation have the ability to find a solution to a problem. They are good in decision making and can effectively handle criticism from different ends. 

Components of emotional intelligence

Some of the characteristics of Emotional intelligence are drawn from the book written by an American psychologist, Daniel Goleman, titled “Emotional intelligence – Why it can matter most than IQ.” Goleman developed an outline that describes emotional intelligence. The following are the features of emotional intelligence:

  • The knack of self-motivation to enable a person to achieve any important duty.
  • The aptitude to regulate a person’s mood so as to escape discouragement, jealousy, irritability, despair, impulse of revenge among other factors that affect both the mental and physical health.
  • The capability to trust so as to obtain safety, tranquility and satisfaction.
  • The capacity of perseverance at the quest of achieving own goals. 
  • The ability of impulse control for prevention of undesirable behaviors.
  • The empathic ability for achievement of optimal relations with others and finally achieving success.

Nurturing emotional intelligence

  • Emotional intelligence is susceptible to drastic changes and improvements, unlike predictable intelligence which is featured by a string of distinctive component. Emotional intelligence can be nurtured through the following ways:
  • You should learn how to control your emotions. In case of anger, a person should learn to control it. This can be through breathing in deeply or thinking of a funny thing. If you are anxious of something you should try to think about something else. 
  • You should know your emotions. You should be able to identify the type of thoughts that constantly traverse your mind and how events of varying nature affect your way of thinking. 
  • You should be able to identify other people’s emotions. You can benchmark on how other people manage their emotions. 
  • You should develop your relationships. You should foster to be in good terms with your family, friends and neighbors so as to learn more from them. An individual with good rapport will attract a pool of friends who will be keen to share their lively experiences.
  • You should practice self-motivation. You should encourage yourself basing on past successes. You should try to figure out the channels to your past achievements and keep applying them for a better future.


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