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Cardinal rules for Economic Prosperity

Category : Business | Sub Category : | Posted on: 2019-11-28 20:58:22

Cardinal rules for Economic Prosperity

Most people desire to become successful in lives and this can be achieved through thinking and inspiring those thoughts to action.  Robert Kiyosaki in his book ‘Rich Dad, Poor dad’ states that ‘proper physical exercise increases your chance for health, and proper mental exercise increases your chance for wealth.’

The thought when impressed will bring the thing you want to you and you receive it through action.

Guidelines for Financial Opulence

Capital acquisition is quintessential for achieving prosperity which can either be acquired on purpose or accidental. Economic prosperity requires money to work for you and not to work for money.

Invent a project idea that can boost your cash flow. Deeply understand your project’s goals by collecting vital information.

Expand the project idea analyzing its pros and cons. Analyze the impact of your project and potential risks that could hamper the progress of your project.

Labor acquisition whose return is wages: Employ people to do the work for you and pay them in commensurate with the work done. People should be paid after you have paid yourself from the services they have offered.

Specification and targets: The project geared for economic prosperity should bring a difference in your economic status. The project should be affordable and easy to achieve.

Action implementation: The project requires adequate money to spur the project idea into a viable economic activity.

Righteous actions through application of your strongest faculties: The activity should be morally upright and meet the legal demands of the State. 

Return evaluation: This is done through cash flow verification and its economic viability. The input must yield greater returns to sustain the continuity of the Project activities. 

Fair remuneration package for workers: The rate of returns should be directly proportional to the remuneration of workers. The higher the gains should reward the hardworking servants to motivate them to produce more. Reward according to what you get, as deficiency of appreciation leads to poverty.

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