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BBI report: No tsunami stance leaves Ruto and allies smiling

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BBI report: No tsunami stance leaves Ruto and allies smiling

Leaders are divided over the just released BBI reports. Most leaders have not seen the need why colossal amount of taxpayers’ money was wasted in coming up with a report which should have been effectively executed through Acts of parliament.

No inclusivity

Inclusivity was among the nine points agenda in the Building Bridges Initiative. The imperative need for inclusion emanated from divisive elections which left some people isolated in top decision making, hence the desire to bring all People on board.

One of the recommendations of BBI was to address the problem of non-inclusivity by coming up with the position of a Prime Minister. But grotesquely, this post will not fully address the problem of non-inclusivity because he will be appointed by the President.

The position of leader of the opposition has been introduced and will be a preserve of the candidate who comes second in a Presidential election.

No tsunami

Raila Odinga had once stated that there will be a tsunami that will sweep all the ‘takatakas’ to the ocean. ODM leader’s statement toned down the reconciliatory message that the President was preaching with regard to BBI, thus widely criticized by DP Ruto and his allies.

Leaders allied to DP Ruto are now supporting BBI to the chagrin of ODM stalwarts. Unconfirmed reports state that there were two versions of the report; the tsunami one and the other version was non-tsunami . The non-tsunami version was the one that was presented to the President because the other one would have left Kenyans more divided than ever.

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