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Factors that promote a happy life

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Factors that promote a happy life

Joy and happiness cannot be randomly selective, but occur as a result of circumstances or luck. However, beyond randomness there is a personal choice. Happiness is dependent on a number of factors, some of which are under your own control. However, there are exceptional cases under which you cannot control your own happiness.

Factors that influence happiness

Health: Health status of an individual is directly proportional to the rate of happiness. Studies have shown that people who are happy in life experience less health complications and cannot easily suffer from heart attack.

Social influence:  People who are happy will have an imponderable network of successful friends. Their marriage lives are more stable’

Work status: Happier people normally enjoy good working relations with their colleagues at place of work. They do not engage in petty arguments that can lead to disagreements and have better relations with both their seniors and juniors. 

Social factors: Ethnicity, gender and age have a great impact of being happy. 

How to live an optimistic life

An individual should endeavor to exercise in positive thinking. You should try to apply the corresponding solutions to face a problem. Try to retrieve pleasant memories from the past, such as people you like or a funny anecdote that will draw a smile on your face.

As a person you are encouraged to enhance your self-esteem.  Feel satisfied with yourself and feel encouraged that you can succeed despite the challenges you may be facing in your life. Don’t ever underestimate yourself due to past failure; instead focus on building the basis for future success.

Nourish good interpersonal relationships. Make sure you are in good terms with your family, friends, neighbors and even strangers. Good interpersonal relationship enhances your image with other people and in case of problem you may not lack a shoulder to lean on.

Human beings should practice a healthy lifestyle to make their lives better. Make sure you eat a balanced diet. A good diet boosts the immune system and makes a person stronger and energetic. The food you consume should contain proteins for body building, vitamins for protection against diseases and carbohydrates for energy. You are also advised to do some regular physical fitness exercises. Body exercises prevent some heart related diseases such as cardiac arrest which predominantly affect the rich.

An individual should look at the funny side of things. Try to evaluate the comical side of your surroundings. Fantasize on interesting things that make your life more entertaining. 

A person should have a hopeful attitude in order to achieve his or her goals. Make use of your strengths and shun your weaknesses in all your endeavors. 


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