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Uhuru tells BBI opponents to go through the report before criticizing it

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Uhuru tells BBI opponents to go through the report before criticizing it

President Uhuru Kenyatta presided over the fourth graduation ceremony at Kibabii University on Friday, where he urged those opposing the BBI report to go through it first before criticizing it. 

The President noted that there are people who want to stab the report and yet they do not know its content. The head of State added that only a fool will say that there are no issues in this country that require addressing.

Uhuru urged Kenyans to take time and go through the report together and come up with good things for the betterment of the Country. The President’s remarks came a few hours after BBI task force Chair Yusuf Haji had revealed that the report will be handed to President Uhuru on November 26, 2019.

Contents of BBI

BBI task force addressed nine issues which included inclusivity, ethnicity, devolution, lack of national ethos, security, divisive elections, shared property, corruption and rights and responsibilities.

The taskforce was constituted on March 9 last year after the President and the Opposition leader Raila Odinga shook hands with the aim of calming the political tension that had arisen after the 2017 disputed polls.

Education for national transformation

The President, who is also the Chancellor of Kibabii University, urged the graduates to use the knowledge they had acquired to transform the nation. Uhuru affirmed, “High education is a key factor in a nation’s effort to develop a high skill workforce with new thinking orientation that positions it to compete in the global economy.”

Uhuru attributed the change of the education system to the fact that the current system had created shortages of skills in the main sector that forms the basis of the Country’s economy.

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