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How to relax your body and mind – methodologies for stress management

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How to relax your body and mind – methodologies for stress management

Human beings are quite often subjected to fatigue. Physical fatigue is mostly witnessed as a result of strenuous activity. Physical fatigue can be lessened through effective work methods that make labor easier and more dignified. Individuals should strive to eliminate repetitive tasks to mitigate the effects of stress.

There are various remedies that can lessen the effects of stress arising as a result of strenuous activities. Calming the mind and the body is an essential aspect for stress management. The two relaxing methodologies are body relaxation and mental relaxation. 

Body relaxation

The aim of body relaxation is to alter the cardiac rhythm, reduce muscular pain, and eliminate headaches and stomach discomfort. Body relaxation is achieved through:

Breathing – An individual should breathe in deeply while expanding the belly and breathing out slowly. The process should be repeated four to five times before returning to normal breathing. The breathing exercise should be done five to six times a day.

Taking a warm bath that assist in effective blood circulation.

Practicing muscle relaxation to reduce muscle tension and anxiety.

Mind relaxation

The main goal of mind relaxation is to lessen psychological disturbances. It is argued that mental tension can lead to a heavy psychological load to many individuals. Mental tension can be as a result of: mental fatigue, obsession over problems, loss of memory, uncertainties to the future. The following remedial measures will help address the problem of mental tension.

Thinking – Individuals are encouraged to reject negative thoughts and focus on positive issues. One should learn how to avoid tense issues, albeit temporarily, until a concrete solution to the problem is devised.

Visualization – Use imagination to visualize and fantasize on positive things that might happen or that have ever happened in your live. Concentrate on a certain life experience of peace and happiness. 

Self-instruction – Motivate yourself to reject troublesome and bothersome thoughts. Focus your energy on thinking about good things in your life.

Social interaction – Seek Company of friends and relatives during your low moments of life. Engage them on issue-oriented topics. This will build your mental peace.

Hobbies – You can engage yourself in activities that you like most during your free moments. You can go for a walk, watch games, swim, attend a dancing competition or watch your favorite movie.

Music – You can make use of your sense of hearing by listening to your favorite music.

Prayer – You can seek divine intervention. You can communicate with God and seek for solace to your worries and concerns. 


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