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Trump impeachment hearings: Ambassador Yovanovich confessions

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Trump impeachment hearings: Ambassador Yovanovich confessions

The former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovich , testified during the second impeachment hearing. 

Marie Yovanovich confessed that there was no explanation given as to why she was removed as an ambassador. Trump has accused her of being troublesome wherever she was posted starting from Somali to Ukraine. 

The former diplomat was shocked and devastated that President Trump called Ukraine President Zelensky and told him that she was ‘bad news.’ She was recalled from Ukraine on May over allegations that she was undermining the President. The long serving diplomat believed that US policy on Ukraine was “thrown into disarray.”

Democrats asserted that Yovanovich’s removal from office prompted the start of the diplomacy row that triggered their impeachment inquiry into President Trump and the Ukraine government.

Ambassador Yovanovich was applauded after her testimony.  Adam Schiff applauded Yovanovich as an incredible public servant. She has been in public service for 33 years and acclaimed in her fight against graft in Ukraine. 

Democrats accused Trump of witness intimidation as Ex-Ambassador was testifying. Democrats were infuriated by the President’s tweet which amounted to scaring away witnesses from testifying in the public.  Trump campaign sources have termed it ‘idiotic’ of President to tweet when the ex-ambassador was testifying.

Smear campaign against Yovanovich

Giulliani and his allies mounted a smear campaign against Yovanovich that led to his ouster. Schiff wondered why the President would recall an ambassador with a remarkable performance for fighting corruption in Ukraine, a statement he made during the opening of the second public hearing.

Yovanovich refuted allegations directed against her by Giulliani as false, including the accusations that she painted the President in a bad image to the embassy officials.

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