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What transpired at Sagana

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What transpired at Sagana

President Uhuru Kenyatta met leaders drawn from Mt. Kenya region on Friday. The head of state castigated leaders who were busy campaigning, instead of supporting his development agenda. 

The President met leaders drawn from the GEMA community. The meeting was highly confidential and the President spoke in kikuyu language. 

Handshake Politics

President Kenyatta defended his handshake with Raila stating that it was meant to bring peace and prosperity in the country. He further advised those opposed to the handshake to stop looking for cheap publicity by criticizing the handshake. 

Speaking at Sagana State lodge, the head of state pleaded with leaders from Mt. Kenya region to support the Building Bridges initiative. The President reiterated that BBI was his initiative and that when he upon receiving the report he will invite them again so that they can discuss its contents.

The Head of State rubbished claims that BBI was a ploy to make Raila President come 2022.

The President is scheduled to visit various parts of Central region in the subsequent week. The President will assess various projects initiated by his government to allay fears that he has neglected the region.

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