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Was Kibra poll a precursor to 2022

Category : Politics | Sub Category : | Posted on: 2019-11-10 23:59:03

Was Kibra poll a precursor to 2022

Raila Odinga has hit back to Deputy President William Ruto and promised a tougher battle ahead, after his party candidate secured his ‘bedroom’ in a highly staked by-election.  ODM leader said that the Kibra mini-poll provided a better platform for 2022 general elections.

Addressing Kibra residents in a thanksgiving speech, the former Prime minister congratulated the people of Kibra for their courage to withstand the vagaries of the politics of tribalism, lies and discrimination. Raila, further, stated that Imran received votes from all tribes.

Mr. Odinga said that Kenyans were tired of corrupt leaders who pretend to be generous in their contributions, yet they are draining cash from the public coffers. He further added that BBI report will soon be handed to him and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The doyen of opposition politics scolded Ruto for claiming that his party was responsible for violence in Kibra. In a statement that was jointly signed by Director of Elections Junet Mohammed and Nairobi branch chairman George Aladwa, ODM said that it owes no apology to Ruto over his violence claims. Odinga ridiculed Ruto for spending too much money and losing the seat. 

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