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Ibrahim Akasha sentencing postponed to December

Category : News | Sub Category : | Posted on: 2019-11-09 11:44:26

Ibrahim Akasha sentencing postponed to December

The scheduled sentencing of the international drug baron Ibrahim Akasha was postponed to December on Friday by a US judge. Ibrahim Akasha, who is a Kenya citizen, will have to wait until December to know his fate.

Ibrahim has been in custody for three years over his involvement in drug trafficking and is being detained in New York. The presiding Judge Victor Marrero will deduct the time he has already served from the sentence he will make. In August, Marrero sentenced Baktash Akasha to 25 years in prison.

The Judge postponed the case because the charges read by Judge Katharine Parker on 25th October 2018 on pleading guilty might not depict the real charges filed by federal prosecutors. Judge Marrero is unsure of the seeming inconsistency.

Judge Marrero set the sentence date on December 6. Ibrahim defence lawyer Dawn Cardi said that her client may have to plead a second time before being sentenced.

The arrest of Akasha brothers has seen the decline of the supply of cocaine and heroin in the coastal region. The Akashas were well known with international networked chains of supplying the illicit drugs.

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