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The virtue of Hope is a guarantee for self motivation

Category : Lifestyle | Sub Category : | Posted on: 2019-12-27 11:46:33

The virtue of Hope is a guarantee for self motivation

Majority of people work because they have hope of getting salaries. Students prepare whole-heartedly for examinations because they have hope that hard work will enable them pass their exams with desirable grades. Sportsmen practice hard with the hope of winning in competitions. Hope is something that is generated by an individual. It is not something that is sourced from outside. Hope comes as a result of overcoming fear. 

Individuals tend to be resilient basing on previous results. Resiliency enables people overcome present failures with the hope of future achievements. In case of a problem, those who firmly and resolutely believe in a solution experience an added value of strength that enable them overcome the losses incurred.

Enhancing Hope

  • Engage in hopeful thinking. You should foresee satisfactory experiences basing on your potential. Positive events of the past and present should expand your thoughts on constant qualities that make it stable.
  • Practice optimism. You should always be certain of good things so as to gain the momentum of achieving your desirable objective. Practice to imagine about good things that are on the way.
  • Reflect your past with serenity. Visualize the past with calmness and focus on pleasant things that have happened to you in the past.
  • Reject negative thoughts. If something goes wrong, don’t draw quick conclusions that whatever you do in future will forever go wrong. You should gain control over past failures by fading any kind of thought that associates you with failure.
  • Read and meditate on maxims of wisdom. Read articles on success stories of other people who have succeeded. When you read about motivational stories you tend to associate yourself with people who have succeeded. Through reading you gain the wisdom of managing your own path to prosperity.
  • Take care of your physical well-being. You should follow the advice of improving your health. Simple and varied diet will enhance your health status and give you the impetus to live a healthy life. You should have sufficient rest and do frequent exercises to refresh your mind.
  • Transmit hope and courage to other people. Be a motivational person by imparting ideas that reduce desperation among people.
  • Seek a good social circle by identifying and socializing with hopeful and positive people.

Religious hope

Almost all religious outfits boost the virtue of hope among its believers. It is believed that hope is a gift from God. Religious people always have hope emanating from the teachings they receive from their churches, mosques or temples.


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