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Growing a positive mind for a better health

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Growing a positive mind for a better health

The only way to live a stress-free life is involving your mind in optimistic thinking. The consolation image that should pervade your mind is that human beings were created as equals. The only differences emerge during the growing phase. 

A person should desist from counting himself/ herself unlucky, as no person is perfect with a 100% precision. As the adage would have it, that even the rich cries. For instance; you may lack material wealth, but you have all your body organs intact with a perfect health status. Another person may have colossal treasures, but may be fighting a chronic ailment.

How to develop an optimistic mind

  • You should always strive to keep your mind busy. It is advisable to always think on how to produce tangible products from the formless stuff. A thoughtful mind leads to prosperity, whereas an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.
  • You should adapt situations that build an individual’s morale. The following virtues should be adapted; 
  • Practice honesty. The ability of relaying truthful information attracts a pull of friends. Most of these friends will tend to should your concern at times of agony and depression. Honesty entices potential personal confidantes. 
  • Showing respect to other people. If you regard other people with high esteem they will reciprocate the same. This reduces human conflict and enhances peaceful co-existences among different people.
  • Being responsible:  Being your brother’s keeper or your sister’s keeper. You should always be concerned whenever other people face problems and strive to be part of solution makers. This will enable you draw friends and whenever you face problems they will always be close to assist.
  • Integrity: You should be reliable and dependable. 
  • Strive to transform problems into challenges and opportunities.
  • Positively think about the past and the future. You should not be obsessed with past mistakes. Develop a positive attitude towards the unfulfilled past and strive to make amendments in the future basing on the past potholes.

Positive results of being optimistic

  • Maintain optimal social interactions: Optimism enhances good rapport with both your friends and relatives. 
  • Enhances school performance: Learners who are optimistic of their future have a higher likelihood to excel in examinations.
  • Prevents anxiety: Optimistic people do not suffer from anxiety as they are certain of the outcome.
  • Improves self-esteem: An optimistic person believes in his or her ability.
  • Longevity of living: Optimistic people are believed to live longer than pessimists. 


“I am the source”

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