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Guide to best business plan for attraction of investors

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Guide to best business plan for attraction of investors

Business plan is good for every business as it provide directions for the attraction of investors.

A business plan refers to a written document that describes the nature of business, marketing method and expected statement regarding profit and loss. It is a map that provides bearing for the business to plan its future and avoid roadblocks.

Parts of the Business Plan

  • Executive summary – This is an overview of your business. The overview of your business must cover one to two pages of your plan. Summarize the problem you are solving with your business strategy.
  • Company description – This part describes the company’s activities.
  • Market research – This part covers research about your business competitors and market.
  • Operational strategy – This part covers your business management structure. Investors like working with competent teams. The management structure should include your legal structure and location. If the business is already operational then provide your business history.
  • Products and Services – This part highlight the products of your business.
  • Marketing Strategy– This part should show how you will market your products and the sales technique you will apply.
  • Financial Strategy – This part should show how much money you need and provide the general financial forecast.
  • Appendix – This section should show additional information about your business such as product images.

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