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Effective communication skills for problem solving

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Effective communication skills for problem solving

Communication skills affect the image you portray to others and establish the emotional tone each time you send and receive messages. The quality of communication is determined by a great deal of success and failure. 

Good communication enhances acceptance while deficient communication causes rejection and misunderstanding. Communication is an essential tool in enhancing interpersonal relationships. It enhances relationship between family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues and even strangers.

Pronounced words can carry pleasure or pain, acceptance or rejection, encouragement or discouragement, security or insecurity. Additionally, gestures and tones convey some messages of pleasure or pain.

Effective listening

The most important aspect of communication is listening. Sufficient attention triggers communication; motivates the speaker and makes the listener active. Without listening there will be communication breakdown. Listening ability can be increased through the following ways:

  • Try to find out the feeling of the other person – You should be able to discern the mood of your opponent before engaging him or her in a conversation. Try to measure the mood of the person that you are about to communicate with and then moderate your voice and tone to match with that of your opponent.
  • Ask for clarification in case of a point that you don’t clearly understand. When you understand well the topic of discussion you will be able to engage in a meaningful conversation that will lead to a substantial conclusion. 
  • Seek for confirmation of information that you have already heard. This will enable you have a thorough image of something that you are already aware of. 
  • Avoid distractions during communication – you should strive to reject negative thoughts regarding the conversation. Try to figure out the brighter side of the conversation so that you can learn more from your opponent. 
  • Try to find support in non-verbal language – You can employ your facial looks, smile and head motions to make your conversation livelier. 

Effective speaking

Respectful and kind words that are well pronounced enhance the quality of your conversation. An individual should strive to establish an emotional tone that favors understanding. The quality of spoken words can be enhanced through the following ways:

  • Try to organize what you are about to say. Through proper organization of words you will be more coherent and clear, thus the message will be conveyed with little distortion.
  • Try to use kind and heartening words. This motivates the listener to get to know more of what you are about to convey.
  • Use praise – This pulls the listener closer to you and motivates your opponent to continue listening to your words.


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