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The back side of the real story

Category : Lifestyle | Sub Category : | Posted on: 2019-12-12 11:20:49

The back side of the real story

Human beings are naturally perceived to be liars. The truth is that it’s not true until it’s proven to be true. No one was born perfect and the perfection in one’s life keeps on depreciating when that person advances in age. The ability to tell the truth is the real parameter for measuring sincerity.

Opening up to other people decreases the duration of time needed for problem solving. You cannot just open up to all people. Identify a few confidantes with whom you have trust in. seek advice from able-minded, but never let them decide for you. The secret password isn’t revealed at all costs; lest you have a hundred per cent precision of trust to the person you are bestowing your trust to.

Identity protection

The back side of each and every person’s life is a provision for security and enhancement of personal integrity. Sometimes cheating helps in protecting one’s identity from public scrutiny. The hawk-eyed society can sometimes be humiliating to a person whose character is unraveled.

The opposite is always right on the part of failures in life, as they will not openly admit to outcomes based on their actions.

Two third lie

Two-thirds of people’s true identity is concealed in the dark; only a third is exposed to the limelight. In real life, an average person will lie at least 66.67 per cent times. The level of trusting other people is dependent on a number of factors.

Polygraph test conducted on a sample of the population revealed that the intensity of speaking the truth is not the same across all age brackets, but averagely human beings lie to truth is in the ration of 2:1.

The elderly generation tends to be more truthful than teenagers and youths. Children are the most sincere of all human folk.

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