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Making good use of your senses

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Making good use of your senses

Senses act as a communication media between an individual and the outside world.  If you make good use of all your five senses arouse your minds while working, then this may trigger you to be more creative. Human beings have the sense of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. 

Importance of a good sense

Enhancement of the mental health. Listening to good music brings about mental peace. Seeing different colors around entertains your mind and makes you relax.

Provision of ceaseless mechanism for personal protection. Through the sense of touch, your skin is able to respond to changes in weather conditions. 

Provision of caution to dangers that are about to arise in the surrounding. Through hearing, you are able to sense the danger around and respond by camouflaging yourself. Through the sense of sight, you are able to see and avoid risky places.

Provision of essential information that act as a basis for learning. The sense of seeing and hearing forms the basis of learning new things.

Provision of satisfaction, physical, psychological well-being and pleasure. Body massage makes a person to relax and acts as a relief to stress. 

Enhancement of the mental health

Vision – Seeing the surrounding environment acts as a window to the outside world. An individual is able to discern the beauty of the surrounding through seeing. Visual sense acts as an entertainment and a strong pillar for enhancing mental peace. The sense of sight enables one to see what is around, hence nurturing creativity and focus.

Hearing – The ability to sense sounds and vibration enables an individual to learn more from the environment. Through the sense of hearing, an individual is able to listen to music which provides mental peace, balance blood pressure, remedy to pain reduction, stress treatment and control of anxiety. The sense of hearing is also believed to be a perfect cure for migraine in children.

Taste – The sense of taste is the basis for living a healthy live. Taste alerts people on food in bad condition. It acts as a source of pleasure. Food with good taste increases the appetite for its consumption. 

Touch – The sense of touch alerts an individual of coming from unpalatable environment. It directs an individual to move to a place that is well conditioned for human survival. The sense of touch is a source of pleasure in instances like sun-bathing, wind, breeze and water baths. It also brings emotional closeness between lovers. For instance massaging your couple, hugging your kids and walking while holding hands.

Olfaction –When preparing a special ambience, an individual will have to fully utilize the sense of smell. The use of air fresheners and perfumes makes an individual enjoy the aroma of the surrounding. Smell and fragrance builds on emotions and appeals influential memories.

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